Adding A Marble Feature In A Kitchen

Marble is an amazing natural material which when added correctly into a kitchen design can create an amazing feature. One of the best qualities about marble is the unique lines and tones within the material which can add a rustic and natural feel to a kitchen and making the kitchen design one of a kind. Another one of the many design pluses of marble is there is a huge variety of tones, colours and designs, because it is quarried from all over the world providing a large variety of choice.  Each marble slab won’t be symmetrical throughout so chosing what area you want cut for each particular part of your kitchen can be important factor to get the desired look.

Below are the best design ways in which to use Marble to create a feature in Kitchen Design.


1. Marble Island statement


Image Source

Using a block of Marble or a block effect as a feature in a kitchen works well, because by using a large piece it can show off the patterns of the marble better. This example above is a block of Arabescato Orobico Grigio Marble it works so well here. They have chosen a mid to dark brown wooden flooring and the ivory kitchen units which brings out the similar tones in the marble, unifying the tones in the kitchen and creating a space which is simple but so aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


2. Marble Back splash

back splash marble

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Using a marble backsplash can work well, above is an example of a dark cupboards and a contrasting Calacatta Oro Borghini or Calacatta macchia Vecchia Marble. The simple crockery above blends into the tones of the marble making the marble the feature of the space. The idea behind this is by using very different tones in the kitchen to the marble the marble becomes the talking point.


3. Marble ‘Cave’


Image Source

This ‘Cave’ Idea of creating tall cupboards either side of the length of the kitchen and using Breccia Capraia Marble as a surface for the inner area creates this beautiful contrast not only light/dark colour but the forms in the kitchen. The straight edges of the cupboards/handles contrasts with the curves and the waves throughout the marble.


4. Matching Shelf, Backsplash, Worktop and Island

kitchen white

Image Source

Now this idea is to use a simple marble with a more regular pattern, but use a lot of it all over the kitchen. This idea won’t work well with a different type of marble but this simple pattern in soft grey and white tones in this variety (Carrara Gioia/ Statuarietto Marble) works because it is not too over powerful to the eye – In a smaller area of the kitchen this use of using marble may not create such an impact it does in this kitchen.

5. Marble and Wood Worktop


Image Source

This is not an idea you often see especially when using with marble for a worktop. By using two different worktop surfaces it actually makes the (Vancouver White) marble stand out. This choice of marble works well in this kitchen as the softness of the white oak cupboards tones in well with the soft grey varying tones of the marble.

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