Adding Linen Into Your Home with 3 Top High Street Homeware Shops

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Adding Linen Into Your Home…

One of the in Home Decor Trends in this year is Artisan Trend, it seems almost every homeware retailer has caught on with this. This trend includes anything which is natural and textured and it is all about adding those neutral and beautiful earthy tones into your home.

Linen has increased in popularity thanks to this trend, it is a great material to be added into a home, as it is timeless and it can add a softness into a room. It can come dyed and in many colours; greys to pastel pinks to whites or the natural linen cream tones (my personal preference!) so pretty much any colour to suit any room or personal style!

I’ve been lusting over adding some linen into my home, and so I’ve been looking into how this can be done. I’ve found 3 of my favourite High street homeware brands which have all got a good variety of Linen based products in right now.

So I thought I would share some inspiration of how you can add linen into your home. Heres my 3 different Boards containing all different types of interior decorations from each of these three brands – H&M home, Ikea, and The White Company.

H&M Home

H&M offer a lots of bedding, cushion and pillow case options in linen, there are some other colours in lovely pastel colours too on their website. This  no. 09. Duvet Set is so classic, I love it.

indesign labelled doc01. Grey Pillow Case – (£8.99) 02. Linen Pillow cases – (£12.99) 03. Cushion Cases -(£6.99) 04. Linen Curtains– (£34.99) 05. Table Runner– (£17.99) 06.Tea Towel– (£6.99) 07.Bed Spread– (£99.99) 08. Linen Bedspread Grey– (£49.99) 09. Duvet Set – (£99.99) 10. Table mat – (£6.99) 11. Bed Linen Valance  – (£39.99) 12.Table cloth – (£34.99)

Ikea UK

Ikea do a large range of Sofas and seating covers, all in lovely neutral colours linen. They have a select few linen items wich are new in shown below, which is part of their summer range. Their linen tends to be made mostly from a mix of 50% Linen and 50% Cotton, which still looks like authentic Linen but keeps the cost down.

3 indesign labelled doc01. Chaise Longue– (£315) 02. Headboard– (£140) 03. Napkins-(£2.50) 04. Sheet – (£25) 05. Pillow Case– (£10) 06. Curtains -(£45) 07. Footstool-(£45)  08.Floor Cushion– (£95) 09. Duvet Set– (£55) 10. Pillow Case– (£10) 11. Place Mat– (£2.75) 12. Grey Linen Curtains– (£30)

The white Company

The white company have a good variety of different Linen items for all around the house, and they are all in a very high quality Linen. Number 06. (Linen Lamp) is so lovely, and unique! Take a look on their website they have a lot more similar to this.

2 indesign labelled doc01. Outside Seat Pad– (£25) 02. Table Cloth– (£75) 03. Grey Napkins– (£25) 04. Linen Cushion– (£50) 05.Stripe Napkin – (£25) 06. Linen Lamp– (£120) 07. Linen Stool – (£325) 08. Stripe Napkin– (£12.50) 09. Duvet Set – (£45)

So there’s all my top linen home decor finds, I hope this has given some inspiration on how it can be introduced into your home interior design. Linen can be a pricey item but it is an investment piece because it is so timeless, especially if you get items in natural linen or cream tones which can be used time and time again no matter the current trends.


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