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The Hallway 

The hallway is the first area within your home and an important one to get right, because it is the first impression of your home for every visitor or just the post man! How to get it right can be difficult, it is an area which not only you want to look impressive, it is also somewhere where you want it to be useful. Somewhere to be organised, to allocate locations to put your shoes, coats, keys, bags anything you need to take on/off on your way in and out, to generally encourage the rest of your home to be organised and tidy.

I have made a few mood boards featuring how I would style a hallway in a few different ways depending on the size of the hallway and the style you like, these are made using only Ikea furniture and decorations, because I think Ikea is a great one stop shop where you can find everything you need to fit out the space and all takeaway making it quicker to renovate.

So I have made a series of posts featuring Sitting Room, Dining Room , be sure to check them out to see my ideas for those rooms.


Option 1.

This is contemporary style with a twist, I have added the Persian style Rug and the Coat Holder Pegs to create a contrast of antique and new, using a clash of styles it can make an older property connect with its history but still providing a fun and modern interior. My favourite piece is the Chest of Drawers , I just love those pull handles!

1 Hallway numbered

  1. Coat Holder Pegs | £13
  2. Rug | £20
  3. Palm Plant | £39
  4. Throw | £25
  5. Picture Frame | £14
  6. Chest of Drawers | £230
  7. Pendant Lamp| £35
  8. Mirror | £40
  9. Seagrass basket | £19

Total Spend: £435


Option 2.

This style is more Scandi style by using white furniture and pine decor, it creates a fresh and bright space. My favourite piece is this Mirror, it looks so simple and elegant and also its a great full length and width size!

2 Hallway numbered

  1.  Hooks | £5.50
  2. Vase | £4.50
  3. Basket Seagrass | £10
  4. Rug | £30
  5. Mirror | £95
  6. Pendant Lamp | £20
  7. Letter Tray | £8
  8. Round Mirror | £60
  9. Shoe cabinet | £89
  10. Cushions set of 2 | £4
  11. Plant | £30

Total Spend : £356


Option 3.

This option is more for small hallway with not a lot of floor space. I really love the Bench It would be perfect place to put your shoes on, but also with the Sheepskin Rug draped over it making it feel a homely space.

3 Hallway numbered

  1.  Storage basket | £6
  2. Rug | £20
  3. Olive Tree | £35
  4. Pendant Lamp | £25
  5. Bench | £40
  6. Sheepskin Rug | £20
  7. Magnetic Board | £17
  8. Coat Hanger |£10
  9. Cushion Grey | £5
  10. Cushion Black/White | £3.50


Total Spend: £180.50


So there we go…..Which is your favourite option? I’m finding it hard to pick a favourite, I think it depends on the space, all three could look great depending on the property.

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