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Ikea offers a great range of furniture and decor, at reasonably low prices compared to similar products from other home decor and furniture shops. It is usually a go-to shop, for most people who are moving house, or wanting to style up a room in their house. It is a great place to go because of the being able to get all the products in one shop and they are all takeaway products meaning no waiting 6 weeks plus for your sofa to come certainly not ideal when you need it instantly!  I wanted to start these series of posts which can help anyone interior novice or interior enthusiast who may need some inspiration on how to put products together.


The sitting Room

So lets start these series of post with a room I would consider the most important at getting it right, because this is usually the room I spend most of my time in. It’s a space which is meant for lounging, watching tv, playing, talking and simply spending time with your partner, family, or housemates. It should feel relaxing, but also intriguing it should feature your personality, but not be too overwhelming that you don’t feel relaxed.


Option 1.

This look is more relaxed modern vibe with a twist of more elegance, the sofa is more traditional style than the rest of the furniture which is mid-century modern but the combination of different styled furniture creates interest and looks more playful and unique.

By adding some blueish and green tones with the use of the accessories (Case, Cushions) it adds some colour to this neutral toned space. The Ceiling Lamp and wicker basket are of a similar colour and material so allow the floor and ceiling to tie together nicely.

ikea sitting room sets 1 numbered

  1. Curtains| £35
  2. Table Lamp | £29
  3. Vase | £16
  4. Ceiling Light | £55
  5. TV Bench | £295
  6. Throw | £25
  7. Throw | £35
  8. Footstall/Coffee Table  | £175
  9. Two-seater Sofa | £399
  10. Cushion Cover | £6
  11. Cushion Cover | £11
  12. Floor Lamp | £39
  13. Vase | £6
  14. Rug | £55
  15. Side Table | £40
  16. Basket | £23

My favourite item is the Throw I just love the colours and the shapes, also the Rug is beautiful it add’s texture into the space and could look great on any surface!



Option 2.

This look is more sleek, and modern. With this concept I have played around with using a contrast of round and straight decor and furnishings, the straight legs of the armchair and floor lamp contrast with the curves from the coffee table, footstool and table lamp creating a balance of shapes. It makes it feel sophisticated,  but still fun because of the playful stripped rug. The layering of the sheer curtains also creates a softer look within the room, it’s also very practical idea if you have big windows, and want some privacy during the day you can just pull one across it will still let in daylight!

ikea sitting room sets 2 numbered

  1. White Curtains | £13
  2. Grey Curtains | £12
  3. Ceiling Light | £15
  4. Beige Cushion | £6
  5. Grey Cushion | £1.75
  6. White Cushion | £15
  7. Armchair | £170
  8. Grey Cushion | £10
  9. Candle Holder | £5.95
  10. Small Candle Holder  | £4.95
  11. Coffee Table | £195
  12. Sofa | £595
  13. Floor Lamp | £45
  14. Light Grey Throw | £13
  15. Black & White Throw | £35
  16. Vase | £5
  17. Flatwoven Rug | £90
  18. Foot Stool | £50
  19. Table Lamp | £12
  20. Glass Side Table | £35
  21. TV Bench | £295

My favourite item is the Foot Stool it is practical to use as a seat, or as a foot stall or a table and it adds so lovely warm tones into the room.


So which one would you choose from?


Hope you enjoyed this post, and looking forward to seeing my Ikea furnishing ideas for other rooms!

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