Spring Dinning Table Set Up

Spring is all about change, it’s the time of year for a fresh new start in many aspects in nature but you can transfer that idea into your home. It’s nice to have a new lease of life into the your home which can be done by having a spring clean, a clear out ready for a car boot, or a general change of decor.


I have been busying creating a more lighter interior space in my dinning area ready for the summer months. I went to Ikea and bought a new table runner to replace our navy one which only seemed fitting during the winter months, however this light grey one goes so beautifully with our wicker place mats.



By adding some colour with Tulips and pastel coloured vases, it adds soft colours into our somewhat neutral interior. Heres a few products I picked up in Ikea, they had some lovely 50/50% Linen Cotton napkins, which I have been searching for something just like it for a while, I just love the detailing on them very delicate.


The finished result, I think it turned out just how I imagined it to look like, very Spring like; natural and delicate! You could change this up by using different coloured string or leaves instead of flowers or a different cutlery set would also give it a different vibe.


No table setting is complete without a bowl of Carbonara – absolutely delicious!




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