Coffee Table Decor – Ikea Finds


Ikea is most definitely one of my favourite places, well it probably is for most people who are interior obsessed. Not only is it worth going to for the swedish meatballs (although that is certain!), but the store is filled with some amazingly designed home ware and furniture.

Here I bought this Cork Pot Stand, it even came in a pack of three! They are meant to be heat-proof mat used for the kitchen. However I have been looking out for a stylish mouse mat for a while, and thought this would be a great alternative to the traditional type – this one is aesthetically pleasing and practical. I can leave it out on the coffee table and when we don’t use the mat it can be used as a mat for the candles, this is where the heatproof comes in handy!


This orange vase came in a pack of two along with a pale pink one you can see it here Vase GRADVIS Natural/pink set of two. I love this burnt orange colour at the moment, it’s a nice way to add a little bit of colour into a somewhat neutral home.


Ok lets talk about this candle, Ikea have brung out a new candle ranges, and they have two scent’s both smell amazing! I’ve never been an ikea candle fan, I never smelt one which I particularly liked enough to have in my house. This one is Ikea FRUSKHET scented candle in Linen breeze/white scent.



Hope you enjoy reading.


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